Self Confidence in Business

Self Confidence in Business

The ability to negotiate is not as valuable as the power to get your own way, but both have their place in business.

It has been said that positive thought is the reason for everything constructive while negative thinking is the cause of destruction and decay. Well the truth is that without negative positives can not exist so lets put the negative in perspective. The universes forces and space elements are because positive and negative have not yet leveled each other to form a neutral state. If they did everything we know, it would cease to exist. The trick is to attract an abundance of positive thoughts and energy so that through attractive teams you have a positive surplus in your particular space. Now it sounds quite out things so let me say that way. Your mother is a caretaker and how she has kept you alive is to sew a whole host of negative affirmations in your life.

However, the point is that you held your childhood with a lot of negative programming and it served its purpose for a season and therefore was not necessarily a bad thing. Now you are an adult and the same rules do not necessarily apply. Basically, if you take risks of bad things are likely to happen, but applying these new laws increases your probability or that good things happen as well. You warned not to go near the edge of the cave because you were too young to defend yourself against the Saber dunes and just waited for a simple meal. Now you can not just defend yourself but take home the change so the whole family can enjoy sabertand tiger sandwiches in the coming days. When I was a child, I spoke acting and thought like a child. Life was like looking through a cloudy mirror, but now Im an adult, everything gets ready. Your words have the power to build up or tear down so its with the power of words that you attract all the good things to yourself.

The good news is that you can change the habit at any time. The universe is big enough to be very forgiving and you are worthy to accept that forgiveness and change your life in a second if you really want. Your perception as an antiquity is not an irreversible curse. It has been said that it takes about twenty days to change a habit. Its twenty a day of concentrated effort before something becomes an automatic answer, but on day one you already do what its up to you to decide. In our case, it becomes more confident. You do not need to understand it to be able to do it. Self-esteem is a gift that you give yourself. Once you get it, others will contribute to your self-esteem with their compliments and positive responses. The trick is that you must understand that you are worthy of receiving the gift. Now all of the negative programming from mom has earned her purpose but now youre an adult you can get rid of many lessons write your own story.

I could get a good technical explanation of how it works, but look at it that way. You do not need to be a mechanic to drive a car and you do not need to be a doctor to breathe, eat, sleep, recover and enjoy life. Many of these features are taken care of on an unconscious level, and so it is with confidence. If you want to be self-confident you must decide that this is what you are. You will not change physically, same things are there if you are sure or not. You can use external things like a new haircut or a set of clothes as a confirmation, but it really depends on what you and just tell you about yourself.

Think of it like a bank. Each negative self-writing thought you have about yourself deducting a dollar from your account. Every positive thing that you cause to happen to you in your life adds a dollar. Make your balance sheet right now. Are you in red or black? If you want to be more positive than negative, it is up to you to take out and boldly take it yourself. Is it just a coincidence that I always get a parking lot? No, I think I am worthy to receive a parking lot. The thing that makes me worthy is the fact that I refuse to be confused and annoyed by the time wasting the effort out of a park. Instead, Im quiet about my business, not just thinking but knowing that my parking lot is ready for me right now and it will show up soon.

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